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A thank you message for Lake County from LFA President Tobin F. Terry

Dear Lake County,

The Lakeland Faculty Association (LFA) offers its sincerest thanks to everyone who worked, donated, or voted on behalf of Issue 1. 

Lakeland, quite literally, would not exist without Lake County voters, and it is immensely rewarding to know that the community supports the work that Lakeland employees do each and every day on behalf of students. 

The individuals at Lakeland and within the larger community who were exceedingly dedicated to the levy campaign are too many to name here, but we would like to thank the Lakeland Board of Trustees, Lakeland Foundation, Citizens for Lakeland, various campaign committees, volunteer campaign leaders, and the many others who helped ensure that Lakeland’s service to the community remains at the high level that residents deserve and have come to expect.

As faculty, we recognize the faith that Lake County has placed in us and remain committed to our students and to Lakeland’s tradition of academic excellence. In fact, I’m delighted to announce that the LFA has reached endowment on a faculty-funded scholarship that will soon be awarded on a recurring basis through Lakeland’s financial aid application and selection system. 

For all the former Lakeland students, family members of students, friends of Lakeland, and supporters of public education who braved the weather (or voted early) to endorse Issue 1, the LFA is truly grateful. 


Tobin F. Terry, President
Lakeland Faculty Association

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